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The Veteran’s Parking proposal isn’t about providing a parking space, or education, or Veteran’s benefits. Respectfully, it is about saying “Thank You for Your Service” on a daily basis and in a visible manner. It would be an active show of appreciation for those who served our communities and came back alive.

  • The parking spaces would be provided on a voluntary basis at each site by the property owner. You don’t lose a parking space as Veterans are already visiting your location – you just get to say “Thank you for your service”.
  • Veteran’s Parking Spaces will not be for Disabled Veteran’s who may also use Disabled Parking Spaces with a required Disabled Parking Placard. Veteran’s Parking Spaces will be for any Veteran with or without a DMV issued vehicle license plate from any state.
  • DMV issue Veteran’s Plates are requested to support Veteran’s Programs. A disabled veteran does NOT automatically qualify for a disabled parking space but would be a perfect candidate for a veteran’s parking space.
  • Veterans, especially for the last decade and throughout our history have been coming home with missing legs, arms and other serious injuries. Many have lost their lives. Saying thanks and recognizing them one day a year on Veteran’s Day isn’t enough. They should be thanked every day by grateful communities and the Nation. A Veteran’s Parking Space at all facilities would help make that statement daily. Many Veterans come home and can’t find employment ending up homeless. This is not a great statement from our society!
  • No public funds or taxes will be provided to fund these parking spaces. Signage and installation will all be from private funds/donations. Veteran’s Parking Inc. has ultimate authority to use contributions at our discretion for purposes consistent with our IRS exempt purpose.
  • Fees from Oregon DMV Veteran’s Plates go to the Oregon Veteran’s Homes in The Dalles and Lebanon.
  • The Veteran’s Parking Space gives some meaning and practicality for purchasing and displaying the DMV issued Veteran’s License Plate.
  • Sponsors are also requested to support purchasing signs and as a Corporate Website sponsor.
  • A Website is operating which is: veteransparking.org. A link for donations has been added. Donations can be mailed to the address below.
  • To contact us via email please use the form on this page.

Non Profit Status

We have officially received our non-profit status as a 501(c)(3). Please check out our letter from the treasury department below.


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