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Veterans Parking

A way to Honor Veterans Everyday

No Public Funds or Taxes are used to fund these parking spaces.

You won’t be losing a parking space because Veterans are already visiting your location. Veteran Parking gives you the opportunity to say “Thank you for your service”, every day.

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This program is about the veterans–especially the families who have lost a veteran who will never return home–and for the veterans who have been injured physically, mentally or spiritually -damaged by the war; they will deal with it everyday for the rest of their lives. There isn’t any reason why local governments and business communities can’t say thank you every day with a visible parking sign and parking space that does that very well and at little cost. This type of public thank you across the nation could possibly save the lives of returning veterans from combat. They will know their fellow citizens and communities care every day.

DECA Students

Students from the Morehead, North Carolina West Carteret High School have begun a DECA Project to honor Veterans. They are using the Veterans Parking Program, luncheons, cards, gifts and lawn flags. They are asking local businesses to provide a parking space for Veterans only in front of their businesses. The program is being lead by Lisa Hensley, Marketing Teacher/DECA Advisor.


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National Chairman

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